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for Finance, Administrative, and Information Technology

Our staffing solutions will find the highly qualified employee you are seeking! We'll compliment your operation with employees who are recruited and hired by us to help manage your specific needs.

Positions include Accounting Manager, Receptionist, Systems Administration, and Applications Support Specialist.

Network Solutions

We build hybrid networks to connect your remote workforce and clients, creating a seamless customer engagement experience. We specialize in transitioning clients to virtual infrastructures that enable true workforce mobility.

Key Manufacturers: Cisco, VMWare, Splunk, Microsoft, Pure, AWS, Paulo Alto, Veeam, Exagrid

Key Technologies: Office 365, Horizon, NSX, ESX, DNA, ISE, and Stealthwatch

Virtual Meeting Hosting

Our virtual meeting hosting takes the worry away from clients and allows them to maintain operational excellence. We'll help you navigate the ever-developing world of virtual meetings with ease.

Our Solutions

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